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Anybody receive a Fliteboard yet?

Hello fellow efoil fans!

I preordered a Fliteboard back in September and although it hasn’t shipped yet (to USA), I’m starting to get excited. I’m looking for a good forum to discuss the Fliteboard. I noticed chat on this forum is pretty quiet and their FB page is also very quiet in regards to customer discussion. Anybody receive one yet?

It should arrive soon, They started shipping this month.

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Ordered mine in feb not due until late July

I got one a few weeks ago its first class in quality and design 10 out of 10 ,never been on a foil before and was up and carving around after a few half hour sessions.hundreds of lift and flight have been sold but nobody seems to be saying much seems a bit odd.

I’m still waiting. Ordered in Feb. originally told beginning of July then beginning of Aug now they are talking end of August. Getting a bit worried

Lift is shipping within 2 weeks since months: https://electric-hydrofoil.com

Hi there,
we are selling Fliteboards from stock in Germany, and have a few boards still available. They are going fast, and the next batch is already ordered. You can pick the board up at our store or we ship to you within two days from the order.
Drop us a line at [email protected] for more info.