Battery ride time

I get it, but the reality is that those factors do make a big difference. I’m 230lbs and I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten 90 solid minutes but I’ve watched 130lb’ers (that don’t crash as much as I do) going for close to 2 hrs flying my big 200/250 wings.
Since we can’t know all those up front, we NEED to know the battery.

I agree. My main point to Lift was be a little more transparent in their …‘up to…’ claims. Having to pay more (as in buy a $900HA wing) is a little misleading if you just say '…‘depending on wing set up’.
Speed, yes. I can see going full blast drains a battery a lot quicker. Weight, ok, but how much extra weight over their unpublished 75kg weight model? (Is 75kg realistic these days)
Anyway, I have the shop looking into it, they agree 60 minutes is short for my overall setup.