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Comparison of electric jetboards

Fabian did a good comparison, I think it is helpful. The only thing we must add that Ewave is almost silent compared to others, which is its main advantage:

We did some comparison of electric jetboards yesterday at beautiful Sechs-Seen-Platte in Duisburg. Cosy 25°C and clear blue sky made it a perfect JetSurfing day.

Boards we compared:


EWave V2 6000

Onean Carver X

Attached you find two screenshots of Vmax test. 85kg rider, lake, little wind. Measured on the exact same track.

Some pure data:


• weight board 17.8kg

• weight battery 18kg

• weight ready-to-surf 35.8kg

• Vmax 85kg rider 50.7 km/h

• riding time 85kg rider, used boost as often as possible 35-38 minutes

EWAVE V2 6000

• weight board 25.4kg

• weight battery 18.9kg

• weight ready-to-surf 44.3kg

• Vmax 85kg rider 42 km/h (did another test later)

• riding time 85kg rider, max power as often as possible 20 minutes


• weight board 25kg

• weight battery 14.2kg - you need two

• weight ready-to-surf 53.4kg

• Vmax around 40-42 km/h

• riding time 85kg rider, max power 20-22 minutes

It’s just pure data - weight, time and speed measured to make a comparison and decided what you want.

From me I will add few thoughts

  1. If your goal is riding over bouys => Jetsurf electric is obviously fastest and lightest board , top choice
  2. If your goal is beginner lessons and efoil , i think silent Ewave is a good option to get started + it has a efoil two-in-one option which is very interesting.
  3. Carver x is probably best for rentals, it’s much easier to stand up, the board is very big, boyant and easy to balance. But too heavy for personal use.

P.S. All of the boards are 35-45 kg… Now new Radinn Carve also 44kg… Almost two years ago we tested amazing eSurf which was just 25kg with same riding time and same (or more power). Unfortunately it never went to mass production and the direction of the company is unclear at this time. However we can see that electric has a lot of potential however for now jetsurf-petrol which is just 20kg and much lighter and faster is a clear winner (where it is allowed to use)