Dealer efoilprime

I would like to know if any one has dealt with efoilprime for a purchase. Their prices seem to be better than from the manufacturer (Fliteboard) and I would like to know what their reputation is from those of you on this forum.

Thank you in advance.


Never heard of them. Strange that they are using a UK number for a shop in Florida?

They are also selling Lift and Fliteboard, which would mean that they at least can’t be an authorized Lift reseller.

And their “about us” claim is really odd:

Efoil Prime is a family run business operating out of united States since 2015. We’ve been riding the products we’ve been making since the beginning, so the constant pursuit for the ultimate ride has always been a part of our DNA. We don’t cut corners. We just obsessively try to perfect.

In 2017, our co-founder, an engineer and avid surfer- came up with the idea for the original eFoil, applying the technology from smart phones, electric vehicles and even drones into a board that would let its rider fly above any body of water without needing to be propelled by wind or waves.

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Agree concerning the phone number. I cannot contact them via email either. Not a good sign.

Not on the filtetboard dealer list at present.

It seems it’s a scam. Recently there are comments below posts suggesting to use the website EFOILPRIME. COM. This website was reported several times these days and in the past too, so it is likely to be a scam - better to stay away.

I like your profile pic, did you take that yourself?