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DIY Surfboard components for SALE

Hi Everyone,

I have for sale components for surfboard:

  • Powertrain with Torqstar 3 (7050) motor + MGM controller 25063 + Jet 64
  • 52V cca. 55Ah battery pack + high voltage connector - the battery pack is not finished yet, if anyone is interested to buy the stuff I will finish also the battery pack.

I want to sell them because unfortunately I don’t have time for the board.

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Do you still have this available?

Yes, they are available.

Where is it located… thx

Hi. Is located in Hungary

Can you send me a price for the 7050? What is the KV windings?
Bye Fabian


The price is 1500 Eur with the 25063 controller

I still have the ESC, are you selling the motor alone?

I would like to sell them together…

Do you still
Have the jet 64 and if do how much will you sell it for?
Im in America Texas to be exact. So i don’t have to pay the vat when i buy from MHZ
Just FYI as I don’t want yo waste your time If the price foes not work
Thanks frank

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