E-Surfer Mag

eFoil software update

Lift Foils has an update available for all eFoil owners.

Please note that this update is mandatory in order to maintain your warranty! More importantly, we’re striving to keep you safe with more advanced functionality and fault detection within your board and battery. Please don’t disregard this update.

Battery Update:

  • Improved battery safety characteristics (These features can help prevent battery failure and ultimately fires!)
  • Improved battery performance and extended ride times
  • Reduced charging time

Board Update:

  • Automatic power regulation
  • Motor protection
  • Higher throttle accuracy and precision
  • Improved safety characteristics

Hand Controller Update:

  • Higher accuracy and throttle control
  • Finer screen resolution
  • Additional battery gauge functionality
  • Additional speed settings

Watch the video how to update your eFoil. You will enjoy the improvements …