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Great Article on the creation of Fliteboard

This is a great article about the founder and the creation of Fliteboard:

Worth a read, especially if you think creating an electric hydrofoil board is easy and straightforward. We are proud to be the Premium Reseller for Fliteboard in Germany. It truly is the best hydrofoil out there, and it’s great to be part of it and to bring the joy of foiling to many happy Fliteboard owners.

Keep foiling!

I’ve evolved through water skiing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Efoiling is as fun as anything you can do with your clothes on or off. You don’t need a ski boat. And you don’t need the wind. $12,000 is a bargain for a well-built product like the flite board or lift.

I agree, most people don’t appreciate how hard it is to make salty-water friendly electrical craft that can last, that’s why all the cheap chinese copies break on the first use…

Elon musk said it all here on second 18:

it’s 100% true about electric surf boards as well

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