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JW BOARD new jetboard online launch S30

New Brand : JW BOARD
New Model : S30
JW BOARD S30 Specifications
-Size: 170 * 60 * 18.5 cm
-Speed: up to 40 km/h
-Total weight: 35 kg (board : 17 kg / battery pack : 18 kg)
-Usage time: up to 35 minutes
-Charging time: 2.5 hours (full)
(Speed and usage time may vary depending on the user)

Interesting. Thanks for the catch. I wrote an article with all information I could find:

I reached out to Jetwake for more information.

We got some more pictures from Jetwake:

Thank you… invite them to Europe again for jetboard testing tour tests!

The speed looks like something that has a lot of room for improvement. 40km/h for a board that is so small is not enough for heavy riders like us to get going well. The white plastic also needs to be improved into a more stylish design like ewave has.

But in general looks like a great improvement compared to old B200 version, well done Mr LEE and his team!

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