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My DIY electric surfboard. It's working!

Yes. Finally the build of my electric surfboard is done and working.

It still needs a lot of fine tuning on the ESC’s

  • Jets used (2) are from Mark. See YOUNGSTERS JETS on YT.
  • Board is a cut down Vision Softlite – 8’0 softtop surfboard
  • Motors used are Surpass hobby 56102 600KV Brushless Motor
  • ESC’s are from Flier. Model: ESC 240 16S
  • Remote is a Maytech V2 (Fully Waterproof Remote Control).
  • Two waterproof 12 / 24 volt 200 amp circuit breakers.
  • LiPo’s are 6S Zippy 4500 mAh (40C). I’m using 2 banks of 3 lipos in parallel.

The jets / motors are (should be) doing about 13440 RPM at WOT (600*22.4)
(That is when running free…)

The most difficult part of the build by far was getting the battery and motor cover watertight.
I was using two really nice marine hatches, but they were leaking so much, and it was impossible to stop this )-:

Now I’m using a cut down pelican case as motor cover (nice to keep the towels in too), and a PVC drainage lid as battery cover. The pelican case will be changed to the PVC drainage lid system later this summer.

My dad and I already started on building a new version of the board with integrated hatches.
This new board will be made from wood. The weight of the new wooden board itself will be around 7 KG, and have a partly removable deck for access to the two jets and battery’s.

Video of my 2nd run on the board. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81WGsLw6IYQ
Top speed is 30 km/h (@ 22.4 volt (6S))

NIce job!

Keep it going!

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Well done!

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