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Supernova efoil

I think all would agree the designs look very interesting. Even if they never come to life, at least it will give new ideas to the industry! lets see how it goes. I dont like to call it a scam until it’s a proven scam. For now it’s just some 3D ideas, that look little outlandish, without actual proof of action.

There was a video in the water 2 years ago, but nothing since then unfortunately… The developers just keep pushing “launch”… First it was August, then December 25… Then “march 2020”… It’s a long process taking from prototype to a real business, it may take years. Lets keep patience!

Good luck everyone in 2020!

Well said, @Jetsurfingnation. I am wondering how you can start with the Flyshoes. May be from a pier or you have to be towed?

I think from pier. On all his videos he has a pier. but looks like it’s only for racers, not for beginners and has no flotation. I dont understand where the battery is…

More opinions from their FB group - you be the judge

[Dominic Hoskyns]

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009576679810&fref=gs&tn=%2CdC-R-R&eid=ARCSLt67bis8DoPGKhYMz6hNcJsFjOg5fGA-WWQ7lVzulrVSjBp6kcQsSNdqABQJ3VSBMkOCeWDKSr41&hc_ref=ARQvUwZJFBGO4jqM5j4oGHN-6LZMtOL1QybgNPFC3bK46HKnMIU0OQxR-7-EVq6k_W8&dti=412893369662998&hc_location=group says

Hi. Me again. Clearly you didn’t ban me very effectively. I’d just like to put you straight. I didn’t ‘attack’ you. I just asked some questions that were very easy to answer and were designed to give you the opportunity to (for the first time) give everyone some tangible evidence of all the amazing claims you have been making. (OK, I admit I made a few sarcastic comments as well, but you’ll have to excuse my rather poor sense of humour.) Instead of giving sensible answers you blocked me from those threads. This time try blocking me from the whole site or removing me as a member, it would be much more effective. I’m beginning to think you are letting me continue to post on purpose. This is getting weird🤣
If I’m wrong about you and it turns out that you and your supernova products are genuine then I will make a very public apology, but sadly I doubt I will need to do so. Every thing about you screams scam. Let’s look at what you’ve done so far.
Constant repeat posts of a two year old prototype video. No close ups, so it could be any efoil on the market.
A promise of unveiling the efoil at the Paris boat show - the reality of this turned out to be a very sketchy iPhone video from the car park. Yet again you did not show us anything more than a few shaded glimpses of the efoil. The implication you made was that you were exhibiting at the boat show. This was what first made me doubt you. From some of the comments from other members of the public that you later blocked I don’t think I was alone.
Next you promised to show us the efoil in action on Christmas day. All that happened was you showed an even more out of shot picture of what you are calling fly boots. No mention of the efoil at all or for quite a while. Again there were comments from the public asking why, and again, mysteriously, the comments were blocked and removed. Nearly all your past posts have 4 or more comments listed but only 2 showing. You must spend a lot of time blocking comments you don’t like.
In response to a question asking where the batteries and electronics were kept, mark made the amazing claim that he has developed a brand new (yes, you’ve guessed it, revolutionary) battery technology in his workshop. I’m sorry but here is where I lost all remaining trust. If this was true this new battery technology would be worth millions. High tech companies have been trying to improve battery technology for years, they still are, and they have the best scientists and engineers working on it. Now I’m not saying that it’s impossible for someone to make a technological breakthrough in the a small, low tech workshop, but please, if this has really been done I have no doubt that the value of this technology would be worth millions and you would not be saving it for your own water sports toys, no matter how revolutionary they are.
Another question I asked and have had no reply for is about the supernova training camp. No reply or details were forthcoming regarding the exact location, cost, itinerary, or even contact details of partner companies so I could authenticate this event.
Yet more claims and promises via video and other posts have been made. I’ve lost count of how many times mark has said, ‘believe me, its revolutionary’, well, I’m sorry bout I don’t believe you, and until you give us proof I simply can’t. The reason I’m taking the trouble to post all this is because I can’t stand liars. If I’m right about you, what you are doing is committing fraud, that means you are intentionally deceiving people. Maybe you’re not doing it to make money, but I do believe you’re doing it simply because you get a kick out of how many people you can fool. Again, if I’m wrong I will humbly apologise, but it would be very easy for you to prove me wrong by simply answering the questions that I have been asking, which are…
Who are your sponsors and the other companies you claim you are in partnership with. If I’m going to invest €5700 (which was €3800 until recently but now its only for the first 200) I’d like to contact them to check for authentication before spending any money.
Yet again I’m not alone in asking to see some videos of the products in action rather than just a few glimpses of them in the background. Mark said people have been doing freestyle tricks including loops on the fly shoes. We’ll why can’t we see this? It’s not difficult to make a video. You post a new video at least every week to tell us how revolutionary supernova is.
Until you can give clear answers to simple questions like this of course you are going to raise doubts.
Finally, who is Brian Macpherson? He appears to have something to do with supernova as he blocked me when I asked these same questions just two days ago. Rather than telling me to jog on and then blocking me, maybe answering my questions would help to improve your credibility and stop you from having to post comments about how awful it is that people are posting negative comments about your product. If you read my comments, I’m not being rude or hurtful or attacking you negatively with no chance of recourse, I’m simple trying to get some credible information from you to prove that your product is genuine. Even you have to admit, your fly shoes are quite simply a pair of wakeboot bindings bolted onto a hydrofoil wing. As someone who knows a fair bit about physics I just can’t see how it can be stable enough to generate enough momentum to bring you up to the speed needed to get up on the hydrofoil. In one of Brian Macpherson’s rebuttals to one of my comments he compared the fly shoes to a high tech fighter plane. We’ll I’m pretty sure that fighter plane has an aerodynamic shape that allows speed to be generated. The fly-boot concept that are powered by a steam of water from a jetski relies on upward thrust, so I just don’t see that the laws of physics will allow your product to work… But here’s an idea, why not show us a video of it in action. After all people are doing flips on it already, we know this is true because mark told us in one of his videos! Ok, clearly I’m not holding back on the sarcasm. Just PLEASE, finally, show us something that categorically proves you have a viable product and I’ll not only shut up, I’ll apologise to you unreservedly. By the way, why did Brian Macpherson block my comments on two previous streams and then send me a Facebook friend request? I’m more than happy to have an open discussion on this or any other forum, isn’t he? Kinda makes you think doesn’t it?

Mark Nelson says

Blockquote He did exactly the same thing 3 years ago with Jetkart. Started several Facebook accounts in different countries. I was supposed to be the distributor for all of the United states. Promises and more promises and delays upon delays. And then one day nothing. He won’t respond to anything.
And then his girlfriend responded to my question about how this product seemed like Jetkart and she says she knows Marc, and that he built up company and the sold to someone.
And then Mark quatre became Marc Legarde and explained it was legal issues with French government.
I think its all about him building up interests and then using that interest to show value to an investor.
That being said, I am in watersports with several products and am certified Instructor and pilot on several products. I don’t see this flyshoes working at all ! I’ve sat back and watched and hoped that it wasn’t another game, but I feel as though it is !

More red flags - The owner account was banned by facebook

Another profile (same person)

Today everyone (including me) were removed from supernova group - to me that is the last straw and I am pretty much convinced it’s a SCAM and no longer interested to waste time on this.

There are plenty of legit and honest products in jetboard industry that don’t hide behind fake accounts, shady videos and 3d renders.

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I am still in this group and this is what Brian recently published:

I am glad this e-surfer forum exists. If you publish screenshots here, they cannot delete it :wink:

Great documentation …

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Keep us posted…

To close this discussion, i found the supernova redbull page:

So to make it easy I asked Redbull directly if it’s a scam or a real deal.

here is the response:

you make your own conclusions… But for me this story is over.

It just keeps on coming… This time magical wake board made of glass (? plastic?)…
I am no pro at wakeboarding but i tried it a lot in the past and I dont see how this 3d render concept can work in real life, even assuming they create an ultra small battery and engine, where the flotation comes from? This hole setup will just sink down and with no rope to hold on to, how will you even start riding?

Here is the address of resort that they invite people (im not going)

Good luck everyone!

Yes, it is all his resort. He is just walking around in a marina and talking bulls***

Its not a “resort” so to speak, it’s a boat repair yard business on the river 40km of Paris, which seems legit and has good reviews on google.

It became silent around Supernova. Anybody here who has some news?

it’s over… have you seen what’s happening in europe these days… we cant even leave the house anymore

Thousands of such variations can be devised. But I would be interested in the start-up technique when it has no volume. With the kit it might work, but the engine is then unnecessary?

Anything new from these guys?