Supernova efoil

It just keeps on coming… This time magical wake board made of glass (? plastic?)…
I am no pro at wakeboarding but i tried it a lot in the past and I dont see how this 3d render concept can work in real life, even assuming they create an ultra small battery and engine, where the flotation comes from? This hole setup will just sink down and with no rope to hold on to, how will you even start riding?

Here is the address of resort that they invite people (im not going)

Good luck everyone!

Yes, it is all his resort. He is just walking around in a marina and talking bulls***

Its not a “resort” so to speak, it’s a boat repair yard business on the river 40km of Paris, which seems legit and has good reviews on google.

It became silent around Supernova. Anybody here who has some news?

it’s over… have you seen what’s happening in europe these days… we cant even leave the house anymore

Thousands of such variations can be devised. But I would be interested in the start-up technique when it has no volume. With the kit it might work, but the engine is then unnecessary?

Anything new from these guys?

Anything new from these guys? It became very silent around them. May be they are already gone?

why silent? they keep posting on facebook, you can check there, not sure what status is but at least they show the foto of the flyshoes

A lot of fotos of people carrying it and holding but i dont see any videos or fotos of actual riding yet, so I guess it’s coming later

the concept is pretty interesting, like i was saying before , not sure if it comes true or not but at least maybe it gives some new ideas to the industry… lets see… such things take years

What’s not clear at all where is the battery… We see huge and heavy battery in Lift and Fliteboard and all other electric boards… I don’t see how it can be squeezed into small part under the shoe or make it light… lets see

ah so the battery is in the backpack connected by a long wire…

to me it looks like a death trap concept…

  1. the whole system seems has next to no flotation… you are strapped to 12kg foil with shoes and have another 10-15 kg backpack on the back? How will anyone swim back if you fall with all that attached to you?

  2. You cant start from the water and each fall you must swim back to the pier to try to start again?

  3. battery on the backpack is a questionable fire-hazard. in case of fire you really don’t want to have high power battery attached straight to your body.

p.s. of course the propeller has no safety ring as well…

P.S. after dealing with foils i dont believe FOIL+SHOES+WINGS+motor together can be just 12 kg… more like 20-25 probably. Lies?

Thanks for sharing, @Jetsurfingnation. From which page is this? I think I got kicked out of some of the Supernova groups.

I agree the battery bag pack is a strange concept and I am not sure if you even could start from a pier. May be it needs tow in from a boat?


Any updates from Supernova?

The link above does not exist anymore and the Facebook group at

has marked all content as “not available”.

it’s a waste of time… they keep changing links but no real product still


Who wants a battery pack on the back :wink:

They were not trustworthy from day one. Just another SCAM.