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Why EFOILS are so EXPENSIVE? ft David from Fliteboard

Why EFOILS are so EXPENSIVE? ft David from Fliteboard

“$12,000 for a foil with a motor??? I could buy a JETSKI INSTEAD!??”

Electric hydrofoils or Efoils in short are quickly becoming the next big thing, one of the most fun ways to spend time on the water.

The fast, smooth and silent cruising over the surface gives you an amazing feeling of flying…

But the main question remains - why are they so expensive? Today we meet David Trewern from Australia, the creator of the Fliteboard to ask him the most uncomfortable questions from our followers.

This is a great informative interview. It’s a long watch, but definitely worthwhile. Thank you for sharing.


PS. Nice short haircut @Jetsurfingnation :wink:

Thank you for your kind words!

Agree. If you consider to spend so much money, better invest in the leaders of the industry at this young stage of this new sport. For me @Lift ist the real inventor with so much positive reviews in social media. Flite is certainly close, but haven’t really seen a lot from others other than their resellers or distributors. End-user quotes is what matters …

Interview with Lift is coming soon as well. Cheers.