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100 Waterrebels boards with 5,000 EUR discount

From their website:

First of all we want to thank all our backers for all the support within the last year. Your awesome feedback gave us a lot of strength and believe in the idea of building the most high-tech electric surfboard combined with outstanding performance and durability.

Therefore we offer a strictly limited offer for the first 100 SURFREBEL with an early bird price of 9.990 € (excl. VAT/shipping) instead of the normal retail price of 14.990 € ! This first batch is planned to be shipped out late 2018. To be one the first you simply have to just fill the form and click the “send” button below to receive our email with all the payment details.

89 left as of today - shipping late 2018

Good luck for the Waterrebels team!

Hi, could you show a photo of the impeller here? From the photos, I can quickly estimate if the impeller has the correct shape - the correct number of blades, the correct shape of the blades and the correct shape of the hub.