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65162 120KV | 100KV 6000W for Efoil | Ejet boards | Ebike

Product Spec:


Shell Dimension(mm) D65.5XL161.5
Motor Construction 18N/6P
Chip Spec D61xd34xL100/0.2
magnets dimension& spec R16XL101(45SH) Magnet stagger10°
Extension shaft length(mm) 62.5
shaft diameter(mm) Φ12M8grooves
Plug(mm) 8.0mm
Extension wire length(mm) 1300
Appearance color Full Black
Copper wire specifications 0.38X25 rollsX6M
winding 3Y
resistance(mΩ) 68.9./69.3./68.8
Inductance(uH) 243.4/243.9/242.1
Current without [email protected] 3.2A(actual measurement102KV)
Current with sensor @8.4V NA
Timing NA
Operation Voltage 9.5-12S(40-50.4V)
Speed/8.4V(RPM/8.4V) 865
max current(A) 120A
Max Power (W) 6KW
Insulation voltage/Leak current AC500V/1MA/3S
efficiency 89%
working temp. limit 120℃
weight 2.8KG

How much and where do we find it?

You can find here, this motor have $50 off now.:

I just bought one from their store. Pretty much similar to Maytech. They offer discount for this motor now, so I got it with a good price.