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News, updates and videos from the Allstar Jetboard Tour from Jetboard Limited, Jetsurfingnation, Motosurfnation and E-Surfer.

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All Star Jetboard Testing tour v2 new ENDLESS format

The new tour becomes Endless! All Star Jetboard Testing tour is brought to you by:

Wayne from Jetboard Limited. Wayne is a well recognized expert in the industry and his company is proud to be the only one in the world that deals and supports all the different brands letting the customer try all the boards before they buy it.

Geraldine from Motosurfnation. Motosurf Nation is one of the founders of the industry covering all the major events and brands and creating a HUB where you can find information and stats about all the jet boards!

Andreas from E-Surfer, who is a leader of the growing German community of electric jet boarders and creator of his own blogs E-Surfer and E-Boarder.

and Mike from Jetsurfingnation who is a video guy and loves the industry and just happy to be there :slight_smile: Mike’s mission is to try and review every existing jet board on the market making his fun videos along the way.

If you want to join our next Tour event, present your jet board, sponsor or simply try the different boards before you buy reach Wayne from Jetboard limited.