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Questions and answers around petrol powered surfboards …

So far only 2 petrol boards exist for sale:

Mako and Jetsurf. Both are very good if you are not in a lake of course where it’s prohibited to use petrol…
I see it’s a big downside for petrol boards, I have beautiful lakes around but I dont feel right using smelly petrol boards there and only use in the ocean.

Other than that, so far petrol boards are lightweight and very powerful comparing to electric.

2 popular myth to mention

  1. Petrol boards are less reliable. A lot of people are scared of old jetsurf boards that tend to break a lot. However over 8 years jetsurf perfected it to the point that it’s more reliable than electric boards which are only first generation and are not tested by time. I see a lot of electric boards break a lot (especially remote controls). There has to be 3 generations of electric boards to make it more reliable and tested by time.

  2. They are much worse environmentally speaking. This is a questionable myth. Yes, emissions from the petrol board look bad, but if we compare the harm it’s doing comparing to jetski or yach with 2 huge powerful yamaha engines the damage is not that big. Electric boards don’t have emissions however the harm that is done by producing and utilizing big batteries is much bigger long term. So it’s not very clear.

The main problem of electric boards so far is to find the balance between SPEED, WEIGHT and PRICE.

They are either too heavy and powerful (but who on earth can transport 55 kg board and extra batteries)? or weak and still too heavy, or powerful and fast and light weight but too expensive. There must be a balance for them to take over the markets.

I would say so far waterwolf is closest to more or less good electric boards of all (radinn and esurf might be too but not released yet). But still very heavy.

what do you think guys?

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