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Actual delivery times of electric surfboards and hydrofoils

Summer is here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so we reached out to the manufacturers of electric surfboards & hydrofoils to get an update about who is shipping. We asked about the current delivery times as well as how much boards they can produce a month.

Here are the results: https://e-surfer.com/en/summer-is-here-but-who-can-ship-electric-surfboards-hydrofoils/

We expect a lot of updates and feedback over the next weeks and months and created this topic, so that all manufacturers can give updates here.

Thank you for this update! Very helpful

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Just to add to the good summary of Andreas, we have a few Fliteboards (standard and Pro) now available in stock in Germany. More info in the Fliteboard thread or on www.deepvee.de.

We have limited electric propulsion units available in July for DIY builders and some inflatable boards with waterproof insert box and remote as well.
So if you want to build your own and have foil or board already, then you can complete your own plug&play efoil board now. It took a bit longer but our inflatable board was optimized in size to be perfect not only for efoil but for the new upcoming wingfoiling as well…
So just unplug the motor and you can use it as wing foil or wake foil…

I can’t believe that Lampuga will still not ship this year. What happened?