Aedra jetboard ? Lampuga clone?

AEDRA produces an unique jetboard able to combine maximum performance with innovative design. Thanks to the hydrodynamic forms in carbon fiber, carefully studied taking inspiration from speedboats, AEDRA reaches up to 30 km/h while maintaining incredible stability with Zero Carbon emissions.

Built with the most innovative nautical materials and technologies, GLIDER guarantees long-lasting and top performances, ensuring reliability and safety.

specs /

Speed: Up to 30 Km/h – 16 knots

Range: 30min at max speed /1.30h in cruise speed mode

Weight: 45 kg total

Dimensions: 240x70cm

Inflatable type: Double layer Drop stitch with GEL

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Up to 30 km/h (Lampuga is up to 50 km/h) seems pretty slow. Heavy riders may only get 20-25 km/h. In the video on their website the board looks not very fast.

But always good to have new players.