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Alibaba any good experiences?

I am looking at efoils and really cannot spend the 12k on a flightboard. I have also seen some pretty bad experiences with alibaba boards. Has anyone had a good experience and are you still riding your board today? If you know if a reputable company that is not a white labeled alibaba board in the 5k range please let me know too I can’t seem to find anything.

I was looking at this one > Best Electric Surfboards And Efoil Electric Foil Surfboard Premium Hydrofoil Surfboard Can Run With 90 Minutes Max Weight 120kg - Buy Best Electric Surfboards,Efoil Electric Foil Surfboard Premium Hydrofoil Surfboard Can Run With 90 Minutes Max Weght 120kg,Hisun Efoil Surfboard Electric Foil Surfboard 3000w Motor Product on

Check what I had to say about it here Buying electric jetboard from ALIBABA? WATCH THIS FIRST | How to avoid SCAM | Efoil Half The Price? - YouTube

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@AsherF ,let me think …

… No.

Hey Asher,
I think buying from Alibaba is not a good idea. Especially when you have any issues the service will probably not be existent, or like Chris said, there will be a lot of scams. I also did not want to spend 12k for a flite or lift, So I decided to go for a pwr Foil (6.5k). So far I am happy with it, but I just got it a week ago. So no long time experience I could share here.

Another cheap but well known brand is waydoo. They are known for quality issues, but also they offer solutions, a customer service and have improved their design I think. A lot of people have made good experience with it.

However, buying a working e foil in low price range you should have 6-8k budget.

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Takuma, waydoo, pwr foil all sell for ~6k. I See no reason to gamble on Alibaba just to save 500.

Yes and check out the new The company is mantafoil. Has quite good reputation for foil boards since several years… And their inflatable efoil looks really good quality for 8k :wink:

Thank you for the suggestions. I was talking with someone on alibaba and while they sell an efoil for ~3k its another ~2.5k for shipping so not really any savings for a sketchy product. I think I’m going with Waydoo for the price.