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Alibaba jetboard and '' overworked " blea shark

Hey guys
I would like to know your opinion to this topic. On ebay i have seen a few posts where someone sell’s jetboards which were looking 100% the exept same like the blea shark sport . One of these sellers sad that his board is from “setro” not blea. I figured out that you can buy this board for around 3500 dollar on alibaba. The other seller says that his boards are overworked and can ride 65 kmh with a 80kg rider. He sad that they are testing them and they are ready in about 5 weeks.
But this one says it is the original blea shark sport, just “overworked”. He sells them for around 7000 Dollar. My main question is does it worth it to buy a cheap jetboard on alibaba and is it possible that someone sells original “overworked” blea jetboards in germany? Thankful for every answear and thoughts to these questions.

no. stay away from all that. you can put yourself in danger putting undertested battery in water or never even see a board.

I would also be careful to buy en electric jetboard on Alibaba.

Even very established manufacturers are still fighting with some early issues and so it is good that you either have the manufacturer itself or a validated reseller available so that they can help.