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Allstar Jetboard Tour videos 2017

Starting All Start Jet Board Testing Tour: Testing Jetsurf & Winch. Tour Part 1

Secret Lake Testing Lampuga Air Jetboard and SupJet. Tour Part 2

Meeting Jetsurf Team and Jellyfish Attack. Tour Part 3

Jetson Boards and Sexy Girls. Tour Part 4

Testing Onean Carver and meeting Geraldine from MotosurfNation (TOUR Part 5)

Visiting WaterRebels SurfRebel and Andreas E-Surfer & E-Boarder (Tour Part 6)

Waterwolf and Munich River Surf (Tour Part 7)

Monaco Yacht Show New Toys: Seabob, Jetsurf, Underwater drones, hoverboards, submarines! Tour Part 8

Benidorm Race: Motorized surfboard Jetsurf, Onean Carver, Lampuga! Tour part 10

RADINN Wakejet cruise and Alexander Lindt. Tour part 11

Unboxing eSurf Electric Inflatable Jet Board with Hydrofoil. Tour Part 13

Testing LAGOON SUP and KAYAK Electric motor propulsion system (Part14)

Testing MAKO BOARDSPORTS » Mako Slingshot Jet Board with Gilo Cardozo (Tour Part 15)


Very cool, but which one , should I buy?

Well it’s up to you to choose. Our goal is to show all the possibilities and their pros and cons

I am seriously considering the Lampuga Air. I like that it is inflatable, the design of the new 2018 models and the performance. :wink:


Hey Ed,

and what colour do you prefer? :wink:

Curious about your choice!


This is a difficult question. I think they look all very good. I am somehow between the lighter blue and the grey one …

@Lampuga, what do the pre-orders say in terms of favourite colour?


Yes, difficult, but I go for the yellow version :heart_eyes:

@Avata thank you for your positive feedback!

The opinions differ here. Many prefer the dark gray as it looks more elegant, others tend strongly to the light blue design. These two colors are the most popular so far.
But the red and the yellow ones definetly attract attention :wink:

I liked the one with military style camo colors that I saw on your stand