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Any success repairing wavejet powerpod

Hi I’m a DIY jet board builder that got suckered into buying a wavejet SUP package after the company came back from its first financial fail.
It was heavily discounted ( reason given was old stock being sold below cost to give them some operating capital for relaunch. So $2800 instead of $4200. It took 6 months to get the board.it looked great and everything worked fine ( noisy, jerky and slow) but as advertised. It for a lot of use 2/3 times a week for 9 months then it quit working. I called them up and they were helpful (I thought) because they said they would send me a new pod to replace the broken one and a shipping label to send the old one back . I got the new pod it ran for approx 5 hours so 8 to 10 outings and it became slow. Checked it and one of the jets was not working rattle inside said broken coupler to me.
Called wavejet and was told that I was past the one year warranty so I’d have to ship the pod $200 each way and pay ??? To fix. He also mentioned that a million dollars worth of drive trains so wither the complete pods or some parts were made of sub standard material and were causing failures like mine all over. Basically he had bigger problems than mine so good luck was the gist of it.
So I have opened up the old pod ( never sent me a shipping label)
And discovered it had a broken coupler and several of the plastic anchor points had broken allowi g a battery pack to move and I imagine causing the motor to move or vibrate which may have cause d the coupler failure. So I repaired the broken anchor points and replaced the coupler for the pod running again .
Attempted to join the two halves of the pod together. Tested it it ran great for 20 minutes then quit due to water getting into the pod.
So I opened it up a d cannabilized it for parts but I still have a pod that most likely has a broken coupler and I’d like to fix it and want to know if anyone has had success joining the two halves of the pod back together without leaks
Long shot but had to ask. I was considering using lots of 3M 5200 marine caulk in a continuous bead around the edges of the pod then use 30/40 very small clamps and clamp the entire perimeter till it cures. But 5200 is a moisture cure caulk so I’m concerned that it would not actually cure and after 15 min of running it would fill up with water too and I’d fry pod #2 .
So if you just know that 5200 won’t work I’d like to hear that because I can’t think of a diy fix besides that to bring some life back to this board. And any other suggestions are welcome
Thanks frank