Aquila Boards is a company in liquidation - Onean out of business?

Hello Andreas!

I have 3 pcs original Twin boards pack, and 1 pcs original Carver X.
Do you intersted in?
Write me in private:

Hello Andreas!
I have some stuff ( 1 onean carver and 2 batteries if you´re interested. ) I live in Sweden

Do you have any of these batteries left for sale.

Good evening from Serifos (island in the Cyclades, Greece).
Yes, I would be interested in buying one or even both batteries. I would like a photo of them and what price you are selling them for.
Thank you very much.

I am in New York and have a brand new Carver X if you are interested.

Hello Andreas, I have 1 Carver Twin and 2 Carver X Boards (1 Brand New) with 2 Brand New Batteries (never used), 2 with a Season of use and 2 with a few years of use. I am looking more long term and want to buy a different company’s board. Please let me know if you are interested in these items.