Aquila Boards is a company in liquidation - Onean out of business?

Aquila Boards, owner of the Onean brand, appears to be in liquidation. They no longer communicate through any channels.

So a strong warning against ordering and paying for anything. You won’t see the goods or your money.

Black Friday in November 2022 was just a scam to get money out of people before liquidation. I’m hanging on to 548,00€ for accessories ordered and paid for.

I have 3 CarverX sent to them for repairs and nothing ! I only hope to get the boards back !
We need to get a lawer even if they say everybody will get the parts/boards back.


If it’s true it’s a real sad ending of the Onean brand… I was a big fan of their original board back in 2017 and it was my first jetboard that got me into the industry!

p.s. I checked the social media, looks like all the social media activity ended in November 2022 which is not a good sign. However I am not surprised, they did not release any single update since 2018 launch of Carver X and Twin and missed the efoil trend.

It’s a pity to see one of the veterans go, but I agree it got very silent around them the last months. Onean didn’t reply emails for a while.

I think it is true


The website is no longer available.

Ok so it is true after all… Sad to see the industry veteran company go away. It looks like it’s an efoiling world now and there is not much room for heavy big jetboards.

This is indeed a sad story. They were one of the pioneers and it is hard to see them go.

Viva la Jetboard Espania!

Today, surprisingly, the site is working again.

Confirmed the site is back up today. I’ve been trying to get replacement parts. anyone know of another good source?

If any onean owner would like spare batteries i have 4 for sale £500 each

The website is indeed again online and you can even make orders. Strange.

Who wants to try?

Has anyone placed an order? Curious if there actually delivering anything.

Doesn’t work on the order process. Maybe still under scrutiny of liquidation.

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Hello from Greece. Do you have battery for Carver X?
Thank you

On the server there are auctions of complete Onean surf sets with low starting prices (e.g. €2000 for Onean Twin). But I don’t trust them anymore.

So it looks like there has been a fire sale of Onean Boards (probably to cover the debts, at least partially). The price is so good that I think of buying Twin board just for the replacement parts. Is here anybody from Spain who could confirm that is a legit site?

Hey there sergiu, sorry to here about your boards. Did you ever get them back? Would you like to sell your batteries and charger?

Hello. I collect anything you have of Carver Boards.
If any wants to sell I am here.
My best regards.

The Onean site is (definitely) dead.