Aquila Boards is a company in liquidation - Onean out of business?

Aquila Boards, owner of the Onean brand, appears to be in liquidation. They no longer communicate through any channels.

So a strong warning against ordering and paying for anything. You won’t see the goods or your money.

Black Friday in November 2022 was just a scam to get money out of people before liquidation. I’m hanging on to 548,00€ for accessories ordered and paid for.

I have 3 CarverX sent to them for repairs and nothing ! I only hope to get the boards back !
We need to get a lawer even if they say everybody will get the parts/boards back.


If it’s true it’s a real sad ending of the Onean brand… I was a big fan of their original board back in 2017 and it was my first jetboard that got me into the industry!

p.s. I checked the social media, looks like all the social media activity ended in November 2022 which is not a good sign. However I am not surprised, they did not release any single update since 2018 launch of Carver X and Twin and missed the efoil trend.

It’s a pity to see one of the veterans go, but I agree it got very silent around them the last months. Onean didn’t reply emails for a while.

I think it is true