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ArtFoils from Russia

Interesting project from Russia

Note - I already asked them, due to low price (only 4.5k eur) they are overloaded with demand and won’t be shipping outside of Russia any time soon, so it’s more for our russian followers only

Google translate:

Blockquote Parameters:
Dimensions: 140/62 / 13cm
Speed: 30 km / h
Motor power: 6KW
Battery: 60Ah or 2.9 kWh
Mast height: 90 cm
Weight: 30KG
Warranty: 1 year

Rider weight: up to 120 kg
Operating time on a single charge: 2-3 hours
Operating temperature: from 0 to + 40С40С

The longest riding time on the market, a battery for 1500 charging cycles, while others have 300-1000, after that it loses 20-30%, and it still gives out more than competitors initially

Manufacturing 2 weeks.
The rider’s riding time is 2-3 hours depending on weight and speed.
Usually it takes 3-5 sessions to get up on the board, someone immediately gets up.

More info on russian

videos of product and riding

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Thanks a lot for sharing. Didn’t see this one before.