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Audi e-Foil: e-tron jet-powered electric hydrofoil surfboard

Some engineers from Audi came up with a jet-powered electric hydrofoil surfboard.


I saw the news but is it for real? when will production start and what will be the price? or it’s just another Tesla surfboard thing?

Yes, our Jet eFoil team met Franz Hofmann (e-Tron creator) at the CES show in Las Vegas last month. It’s a very cool looking project. They do have many e-Tron products as well (Car, Electric Scooter).

It was nice to finally meet a fellow Jet eFoil Builder who shares the passion and focus on safety, sleekness and the unique ride jet efoils offer.

More infos and some quotes from Franz:

And a nice video:

I’m afraid the price will also be combined somewhere around 20000 EUR.