Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils Review

Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils Review | World’s safest electric jet hydrofoil

Today Andreas from is presenting Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils Review, the World’s safest electric jet hydrofoil.

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Great job! You are always welcome here!

Nice video… looks like it is not an impeller jet like the awake vinga (pressure principle), but more like a small propeller in a long duct…
Similar principle as waydoo efoil is going with their new waydoo flyer plus and their 115mm full ducted propeller …
If the given value of 2 hours battery range is true, then it would be top notch :+1: and beating most other efoils there… Congratulation audi etron efoil team :wink:

Yeh, it’s certainly not a jet in any form or function.
Has to be much less propulsion from that tiny prop.
The covered prop “seems” like a real plus but Lift (for example) kills the motor when the board reaches a tile angle that suggests it can’t recover. It also cuts if the controller hits the water.
Still a nice feature that I think will become the standard in time.
Quiet and longer run times could indicate it’s putting out less power.
What is the top speed is the prime question with a ducted prop I think. Appeared pretty slow in the video. (and not mentioned by this reviewer :wink:
The controller seems very nice.

Pretty slow hehe :slight_smile: It’s not even allowed to go more than 10km/h on German lake fully packed by SUP boarders. The developers claim it’s really fast actually.

More flat water videos …

Great race, I suggest to make a small handheld esurfer flag to hold it during promo shoots for more exposure!

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The first review article about the Audi eFoil:

Great article, would love a comparison of vinga vs audi when you have both of them and lets see if more jet efoils come to the industry.

The awake Vingha will soon be in Berlin…Maybe we get a comparison of both Jet Foils soon :wink: