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Avante E-Foil - more efoils?

Avante E-Foil


Looks promising but nobody ever tested it and they already accepting money (red flag) + several fake 5 star reviews on the website.

The social media is completely dead (1 subscriber on youtube, facebook, comments turned off)

$7,739.00 USD

The Avante E-Foil is the next generation of eco-friendly e-propulsion foils. With the ability to be an electric foil board or stand alone Kite, Wake, and SUP foil board, you’re sure to find a place to fly free. The only Efoil on the market that allows you to start and stop from a standing position.

Up to 20 MPH
90 minutes fly time
180 day warranty – Additional 3 year protection plan available
Superior waterproof Li-Ion battery
Boost button for easy lift and accelerated turns
Luxurious finish and soft embossed EVA pad
Comes standard with 50cm mast and F1900 wing

With so many new efoils appearing on the market it is very easy to get scammed guys.
(Not saying this is a scam, could be a legit site) but before paying a template shopify store 7.5k make sure do your due diligence first, see customer tests, reviews, media attention etc.

One more red flag - I could not find ANY contact information (aside of email) on the website. Where is it made? China? Where is it shipped from? What company, country is behind it?

When the developers hide contact information and ask for 7.5k upfront it is always a bad start.

One more red flag, the board looks like exact copy (whitelabel?) of e-takuma

even the control, propeller etc is the same

Thanks @Jetsurfingnation, for sharing this info. No contact information is a very BIG red flag!

@Jetsurfingnation @Buzzer
Hi all - My name is Rick, Im the founder of Avante. We worked hand in hand with Takuma in developing our efoil over the past 3 years. We are the North American counterpart and are just launching in this region.

Contact information is on the top left of the website under support. We’ll add it to the footer to limit confusion.

Anyone can feel free to reach out to me at anytime via email [email protected], via phone (855) 428.2683 or visit our offices and showroom at 2110 S. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, California, 92054.

Happy foiling