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Awake electric jet board

Just reading through the information on the awake jet board was surprised when I was looking through the media section and saw the drive unit on the underside .I tried a sup board in Australia that had the same drive system . Or atleast verry similar. The product went at about 10 kph. This was a few years ago . They were also testing a much faster model that was to fast for me but looked like fun.

It looks indeed different:

Indeed it looks different but not to me I have seen the drive system years ago on a patented product in Australia except the on the under side of the tube the fin part is not there… There product had a big opening with a smaller outlet . Have a look I just found there web sight again . Check it out. and let me no what you think . . Fin Drive Systems

I think the Powerboards1 fin looks very different:


I think every manufacturer has some “pending patents” so they need to find a way to arrange with themselves.

Just saw the post about Awake surfboards. Our patented fin design has a larger entry with a smaller outlet. This looks very similar to what Awake surfboards appear to have. As Tracey_Warner pointed out, the only thing missing is the fin piece on the underside of the tube. Side on it looks virtually the same. The picture you have posted is a back view not a side view. Our tube system was designed for efficiency and power. It will be interesting to see where this eventuates as I have an approved patent in many geographical areas throughout the world, including Europe. We developed this system 10 years ago and have been selling products with this system since 2013. We have also made faster products using this exact system about 7 years ago and posted one of these products (the 8’4 motorised surfboard) online many years ago. We didn’t do mass manufacturing of these faster products at the time as there was no real market for it back then. The industry is only just starting to change. We have products in our factory ready to go when we decide to release them to the market. We never stop developing fast products or other products that may be viable in the market in years to come.

Chris, I second the annoying communication of Awake, but lots of marine tubed propellers have a larger entry with a smaller outlet as any jet for that matter. What is unique about yours? It would be interesting to see more pictures of your fin.

Watch the full presentation from COO Daniel at boot 2019: