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Awake electric jetboard

Thanks to Wayne from @JetBoardLimited for hinting us to the Awake website at:

This is a new project from Sweden which is supposed to launch already mid of May 2018 after being in stealth mode for more than a year.

This project sounds promising as it is Philip Werner (original CEO and Founder of Radinn) who is behind the project. This means the team has plenty of experience.

We are already in touch and hope to have more information very soon.


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Hi Guys

I have to say that I do have a lot of respect for manufacturers that keep quite and just get on with making the board. I heard about this board quite a long time ago and I’m happy to see that its real and not another failed dream. More time making and less time talking or even better more time making and less time faking. In this day and age when every guy and his dog is promising to make the latest and best boards I just want to say show us and don’t tell us. Well done Awake. Now lets test it and see what you got :slight_smile:


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Looks and sounds quite powerful:

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Looks like we only need to wait a couple of days until we will know more about specs and availability.

I hope it is not another “pre-order” offer with delivery several months out.

Very slick design. No pre-order yet, but you can sign on to reserve a board.


No pricing yet?

I thought all specs shall be released mid of May?

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Was it supposed to be launched 15 may? has no info and only a newsletter optin.

I was waiting also for updates, but they only release some new videos …

This is very annoying way to launch, no details or specs at all, no responses on emails and only I see is more and more newsletters about the “vision” and plans to do even more videos series… Don’t get me wrong, I love the videos but without actually knowing anything it’s no use, in my opinion.
The board looks great but it could be just a prototype, or it weigths 50kg, or it will be shipped in 2021 or it costs 25k like lampuga boost… too many questions. :slight_smile: we need answers!

The drive system looks like the drive unit on a product I rode in Australia a few years ago. The only difference is on the bottom of the tube the fin is not there . When reading awake profile it is depending on the patent pending . After all I am no expert but the Australian company told me on the day I tested there product they had patents through out the world . They were also running a super fast model that wasn’t on the market . It was an 8foot surfboard . So may be you will never sea this product due to the patent pending . The no specs part is annoying, so that’s smart if you don’t want your competitor to have that information . That’s what the Australian owner told me when I asked him the same question .

The owner of awake said they are still in the testing phase and pushing boards to the limit to see the stats.

The specs and pricing are out:

Awake RĂ„VIK now on limited pre-order. See the specifications and pricing in our preview.

I loved the look of it, design and speed.
I did not like the price and the weight 35kg. I think the goal is to get a board of 25kg or less.
I’m not sure if not having any front handle like lampuga/jetsurf/curf has is a good idea as it wont let people do sharp turns. What are your thoughts guys?

Looking forward to test in real life! Sounds exciting!

I also like the idea of so many soft pads on top, this will help the board make less slippery comparing to Torque.

What is not clear is how the leash is attached, I see some leash but not clear where it comes from,

I like the design and the drive train setup. But the price is way beyond…

Here is our video review of Awake RĂ„VIK