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Awake Rävik 3 - 2021 model

Awake today announced the launch of their third generation of electric surfboards; the Awake RÄVIK 3

Awake RÄVIK 3 comes with a revised hull design, where weight distribution, carving capabilities and hydrodynamic performance has all been updated. Brand new tech, such as an optimized electronic speed controller (ESC), a second generation wireless hand controller, a completely re-made brushless motor, and a new, more aggressive impeller gives way for dynamic stability and agile carving, without losing touch with the company’s award-winning Scandinavian design heritage. The patent-pending modular system ensures Awake’s signature performance, automotive/sophisticated safety systems, and ease-of-use.

“With Awake RÄVIK ONE and its jaw-dropping acceleration and top speed, we took the first steps in fast-forwarding the future of action water sports back in 2018.” says Awake’s CEO Daniel Aronsson. “The awesome race-characteristics of our second model; the Awake RÄVIK S, introduced a completely new segment to the electric surfboard market, where the conventional limits of electric action sports were erased when my colleague and co-founder Philip Werner landed the first backflip on a wireless motorized surfboard.”

The Awake RÄVIK 3 is a development of the company’s two previous models, where both internal learnings and external feedback from the previous models have been used as a blueprint for the R&D teams.

“By combining the learnings and market feedback from both Awake RÄVIK ONE and Awake RÄVIK S, we created the Awake RÄVIK 3 — perfect for the demanding action water sports enthusiast who is looking for a versatile electric surfboard with stable high-speed cruising capabilities, combined with agile race-characteristics. It is simply a board to grow with and will challenge you in your own pace”

The Awake RÄVIK 3 is available for order from €11.900 ex. VAT, with deliveries starting in April.

The price above is for a small battery lasting 15 to 30 minutes. With the large battery (25-50 minutes) the price goes up to 14,800 EUR which makes it including VAT about 18,500 EUR plus 500 EUR shipping.

Top speed: 53 kph

Acceleration: 0-50 kph in 5 seconds

Riding time: 15- 30 min (standard) / 25 - 50 min (XR battery)

Charging time: 1 h 20 min (standard) - 2 h (XR battery)

Exchangeable batteries: Yes

Top speed modes: 3 settings

Throttle sensitivity modes: 3 settings

Total weight with battery: 39 kg (Standard) 44 kg (XR battery)

Looks great. Does the large battery make it more heavy? 44kg with which battery?

Great catch. I updated the article:

The 44kg is with the XR battery (long range battery). The weight with standard battery ist 39 kg.

15 to 50 minutes is a signifcant range.
Under what conditions does it last 50 minutes?

If you are a kid or 50kg lady I am sure any electric jetboard will last 50 minutes :slight_smile:

That’s whats difficult about jetboards, the riding time always depends on your weight unlike efoils and petrol boards where riding time is more or less similar for everyone.

That’s right. On top of this they have 2 different batteries:

Riding time: 15- 30 min (standard) / 25 - 50 min (XR battery)