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Awake RÄVIK_S world premier

Awake will show the new Awake RÄVIK_S today at boot in Dusseldorf. The new board has a new hull shape for better carving. More info here:

In a few minutes we will see it live an post more info …

New AWAKE RAVIK S | Most Powerful Electric Jetboard | Featuring President Philip Werner

Wow did you see that jump?? What a rocket! Hi guys! Welcome back to our jetboarding show “Ask me everything”
Today we have an honor to meet Philip Werner, the PRESIDENT & CHIEF INNOVATOR of Awake Ravik from Sweden.

00:40 How did Sweden become a SURF CAPITAL?
01:00 How did it all begin?
01:32 Awake Ravik first PROTOTYPE?
02:40 The new model Ravik S? What’s NEW?
03:10 New CARVING machine03:20 New FREESTYLE JUMPING?
03:40 What are the DIFFERENCES of original Ravik and Ravik S?
04:15 New security magnet and the shape?
04:30 New MODULAR system
04:50 The WEIGHT of the electric jetboards?
06:10 The battery technology FUTURE?
06:30 Battery SAFETY features? Automotive industry influence?
07:20 Lets see the BATTERY? How do you attach it?
08:05 The QUALITY of the board? The PRICE?
09:20 Lets check the REMOTE CONTROL?
10:15 The unusual way of hand controller
10:40 What’s ideal WAY to ride Awake Ravik?
11:20 Awake APP and different MODES?
11:40 Do you put a LEASH on the jetboard?
12:10 Using Awake Ravik in the WAVES?
12:30 What is RIDING TIME?
13:00 Safety features and INDICATOR of POWER?
13:50 The plans for the FUTURE?
14:30 Where do you PRODUCE Awake Ravik?
15:20 Main CHALLENGES?
15:35 The past Covid19 shipping? The future plans?
17:10 The price difference of the new models?

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