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Battery maintenance / winter storage

I am planning to store my board in the garage over the winter. It should not get below zero degrees celsius there, but who knows.

Is their any concern storing the battery in this environment for a couple of months?

Do you need to discharge / charge the batteries like you have to do with car / motorbike batteries?

Thanks for your help!

Interesting, I had the same question a few months ago and found following article:


In short:

Electric surfboards are usually using lithium ion batteries which behave very different to car batteries.

In fact the garage around 0 degrees is the ideal place to store your battery. Following graphic is from the article above.


As you can see 0 degrees is ideal and the battery should be charged to 40% before you store it.


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Awesome. Thank you! :clap:

hi there! my quiestion is that if im using daily 3-4 times with extra battery how long does it will be last ? how often i have to buy a new one?

A good battery should at least offer 500 - 1,000 charging cycles. I would ask the manufacturer of the board.

3-4 times a day? Are you planning a rental service?

thats what i would like to do, but i dont know if its worth it,

You should look at having 2 or 3 batteries if you plan on a rental business. That way you can charge the batteries slower and change when they are about 80% discharged. You will get many more (hundreds more) recharges from you batteries. Higher outlay but more cost effective in the long run.
A Li-ion cell used between 30% and 90% charge will give you several thousand recharges.
A Li-ion cell used between 0% and 100% charge will give you 500 - 600 recharges
This is the principle behind Tesla Power Wall. It uses Panasonic 18650 cells that have a life of 500 cycles yet they give expected life of the Tesla Power Wall 10 years with daily cycling.