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Battery storage, Lift eFoil

Hi, I have looked around for information about Lift eFoil battery storage. I am storing several batteries over the winter and not using them much. I am keeping them in a dry and constant temperarure environment (20 C). But which charge should I leave in them and how often should I give them a little charge (and how much charge)?


P.S. Also curious about remote battery life. How long will this last? Is there a battery warning before the remote runs out of battery?

Hi @pvb ,

Dry and 20 C is optimal. Battery charge should be between 30-50%. 30% less risk (energy), but you may need to give it a charge after a few weeks. 50% should last for the winter.


What about the remote? What kind of battery life are you seeing? Any warning when battery starts getting low? I would hate to run out of battery mid ride!


Hi @pvb,

The batteries of the remote should be good for 40+ rides. Yes, the remote will indicate a low battery. I always have a set of spare batteries in my board bag to be 200% safe.


I am glad Lift has chosen ordinary batteries for the remote. It avoids so much hassle.