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Battery typs in efoils

Hi all,

i read the article with the issue of possible burned batteries.

does anybody know which batteries / cells are used for the batteries?
Is it Lithium Polymer ? I guess LiFePO4 have too less energy density even if they would be more safe.

Main brands like Lift, Flite, Takuma, etc. use all same battery technology?


They are using lithium ion cells. The higher priced boards use high quality cells from Japan or Korea. The secret sauce is the battery management.

Fires are very rare and sometimes caused by the users, but at the end of the day any lithium ion battery has a risk. No matter if in a car, an eBike, an eFoil or a smartphone.

See the following article:

Hi Andreas, Thx, so standard Lithium not the LiPo

Yes. That’s correct.