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Hi all,
I was hoping to canvas opinion on this - as a beginner is it best to buy a large 150L board for e-foiling, or is it ok to buy something smaller? I’m thinking of something like the Takuma Cruiser versus the Carver. Can beginners ‘outgrow’ the larger boards relatively quickly?

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Hi @TeeCee , beginner boards are good for the first session to get you up, but will get probably get boring after a short time. Ideally you get a lesson at a reseller like to get a proper intro into eFoiling and the instructor will be able to give you a good advice which boards fits you in a longer term.

Thanks for the reply, Andreas. I’ve had two lessons, one on a Takuma and one on a Lift. Both larger boards.

Yes Andreas is “right on the money” get the smaller board unless you want to regularly teach your family and friends or just cruse around on flat water.

Thanks. I think I was concerned I wouldn’t get good enough for a smaller board!

I thought the largest Fliteboard would be the best option. I reasoned that the extra buoyancy would allow me to do standup take offs (I hate getting my hair wet, Ha Ha) and be easier to paddle home if it broke down or I ran out of battery. After nearly 2 years with my Fliteboard I’ve found that the smaller and lighter board would be more fun. Sure the learning/proficiency time is longer but more fun also its easer to carry around. If I was starting again I’d buy the Fliteboard Pro strait off. Don’t go ultra small though. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it soon enough its mostly muscle memory.
Remember " you never know how far to far is until you’ve been there at least twice" and I’ve been there regularly…

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Thanks for the information! I’ll check the size of the fliteboard pro - being easier to carry around definitely helps!

How much do you weigh? The smaller boards are only going to float people under 200lbs well. I’m 230 and on the biggest (5’4") Lift board I sink it below the water and lose the bluetooth connection several times per ride. Can’t imagine how you would get going on a smaller board that you sink more. FWIW
PS - Lift’s largest board is only like 75L of floatation. Very small compared to paddle boards and others.
Who has a 150L? That’s the Queen Mary of Efoil boards!

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Thanks for the reply.
I got a Takuma Carver 2 in the end and it’s totally got me hooked!

I’m now selling it to fund another more expensive efoil purchase!