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Beginner motor selection

hey guys, I’m fairly new to the electric surfboard concept and want to build one on my own. I’m currently working on a prototype for my jet drive. I was thinking about what motor to use when I went full scale and wanted to run it by y’all to see if it will be enough. I will need a minimum of 10mph and I won’t need to go over 25. My board will be 6 foot 6 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. all suggestions and help are greatly appreciated. I have 2 motor options, but I’m open to other suggestions. I really need to keep this project as cheap as possible, but still, want to get some bang for my buck. I was going to use either that one. this leopard motor or this other motor.. If I used the leopard I would probably use 2 motors, if that works okay. I still haven’t figured out batteries or an ESC, but that will all depend on my motor. Thanks in advance. :smiley:

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Hey leopard motors are great I’m using two on my project. However they are rated at between 88 and 126 amps continuous and compared to the SSS motors at the same price theses are rated to about 200 amps and have much beefier feeling cans and the wiring is bigger with 8mm bullet connectors instead of the 6mm with the leopard. I have been using SSS motors for a while now and I’m really pleased with the power, torque and price. I get em from Offshore electric. If you are in the US connect with Steve at OSE, he has tons of knowledge of all the bits we use for jet boards and his prices are the same or better than any I have found on eBay. He also has hard to find parts since he specializes in parts for large expensive fast electric boats.
If you want to go let’s say 15 mph or above you will need a jet in the 60mm to 70mm size range and if you make the jet pump plan to make your impeller out of Aluminum alloy, the 3D printed ones can’t hold up to the torque under load when the pump gets that big. If you go with 2 pumps around 50 mm will work printed impeller May work but I’d still recommend alloy. Make sure you jets are at least 6 inches apart. From one edge of the intake to the other pumps intake. Any closer and you may get cavitation caused by both pumps competing for the available water . That is the problem I’m having with my double pumper right now and since it’s all built into a pelican box I cannot easily change to configuration. So don’t box yourself in literally and figuratively speaking like I did. I also had to use the leopard motors as they were the only can length I could get that would fit into my drive box after I burned up the smaller motors I had originally used.
Good luck with your build . You can see videos of my various boards on my YouTube channel Frank Casey