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Best drone to film jet boarding and surfing?

I have the answer - it is STAAKER drone

I tested most drones and most are useless when it comes to tracking of the fast movement on the water.

Hands down, Staaker is my choice.


  1. Waterproof controller
  2. Hands free operation (it follows the controller)
  3. Smooth and intelligent tracking.

here is my full review

Here is a full 35 raw video made by Staaker of my jet surfing

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Mike, if I wouldn’t know you personally I would swear you work for them :wink:

Ok, I know you are the video guy in this community. A few more questions:

  1. I saw the Christmas video. Awesome. How does the drone decide to just follow you or flies circles around you? Does it do this itself or is it a setting?

  2. What happens if the drone goes into the water. Is it water-resistant?

  3. Can it recognise and fly around obstacles?


Hehe… Well in my review I was not only positive, I actually was pretty harsh on it.

  1. There are buttons on the remote control that you have with you. You can change distance, you can change height, you can change modes (circles, fixed related position etc)

  2. Unfortunately it is not waterproof, only control is waterproof. The drone should not get into the water. It’s a pretty smart one, once the battery is low it automatically goes home where you took off, on the beach. You dont need to navigate it or worry.

  3. No it is completely blind and only good for open spaces like ocean. Never use it around the trees or buildings. Zero obstacle avoidance there.

One more bad thing - it comes without a camera so you have to buy new GOpro hero6 additionally.

Good news? It;s a very reliable drone and has 1 spare battery as a bonus. It is made here in Europe by a good norway company. I hate them, they never even bothered to feature my video after i do so much for their free publicity, bustards!

I just checked their website at: https://staaker.com

Looks like they have a kit with 2nd battery and extra propellers for 1.099 USD (I have a GoPro 6), so the price is reasonable for me.

I see there is an extra Gimble which is not part of the kit? I guess you need the Gimble to have smooth videos?

You must have a gimble. mine was included in the package. it can’t film without a gimbal.

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This looks promising:

Very cool but pretty useless technology for jet surfers. Our activity is on the ocean or lake so no point to “avoid trees” etc. Staaker is doing it much better with smooth recording via gimbal. This overpriced drone has no gimbal and recording is poor and gittery. It’s only good as a showcase of future technology but I see no use for jet boarders

SplashDrone 3 Auto
All-Weather, All-Purpose Waterproof Drone


SplashDrone is pretty cool but again few issues comparing to staaker

  1. It does not have a wrist watch and requires a pilot to set and control it via the remote control, so you cant be recording alone like with Staaker.

  2. Way too overpriced comparing to staaker. staaker is 999 (but no camera)

P.S. putting gimbal and propellers in salty water is a suicide. even if it’s waterproof, the salt will quickly destroy it.

so far staaker is still a winner in my book.

I heard also Airdog released a new model but too many complains on Airdog, so i was never interested in it.

I use DJI Phantom 3 Professional in combination with Lemfo LEM X waterproof watch with Android and software Litchi on the drone controller and Litchi Magic Leash in those watches (both for Android only). After pairing over mobile data, the dron follows a watch that sends its GPS coordinates to the controller, which then passes it to the dron. Therefore, the controller remains on the shore and its operator only makes a timely landing when the drones’ battery runs out. They are my third Android watch and only have a usable GPS that uses all the satellites.

Looking forward to see the videos Carver rider of your setup! How smooth it goes?