Best way to discharge Flitepack

I always try to be extremely careful with my Fliteboard battery and keep the charge around 50% when not in use.

What do you do when you have a fully charged battery and can’t use it due to unknown reasons?

Can’t do anything, unfortunately. I have reached out to the battery charger vendor and there is no discharge circuit built into the charger, which is unfortunate.

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Thank you for the reply.

I had charged my battery for a ride and got out about 10 minutes before a huge thunderstorm hit and cut my ride way short. I also wasn’t able to ride for about 3 days and had to leave the battery at around 80%. I kept searching for a way to discharge the Flitecell but had no luck.

I do think it’s amazing that I have lipo chargers that will also discharge battery packs that cost 1/5 of what the quick charger for the Flitecell does