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Bike and hand trailer for electric boards

After being fed up with trying to find a parking spot at our local beach, I started looking for a suitable bike trailer for the Fliteboard. I found the Reacha, the perfect hand and bike trailer, adaptable in width, collapsible to fit in a trunk, heavy duty and easy to use.

I can fit two complete boards in their bags, with efoil bags and with separate batteries on this trailer, or one board completely assembled and ready to go. Or one board in bag with the efoil bag next to it and the battery below, as in the pictures. Then the trailer is made a bit narrower, which is quick and easy.

Bought it, took it to the beach last weekend. Perfect. Disconnecting it from the bike takes 2 seconds, and then you can wheel your Fliteboard right to the water’s edge.

Even if you are not using a bike, but just want to transport your board from your car to the beach, this is a nice hand trailer. With the loading capacity also a nice tool for schools, we will be using this for our Fliteschool as well.

We became affiliates, and if you use the code DEEPVEE10 when you order one at https://reacha.de/collections/all-products you will get a 10% Discount.

Here is a short video which shows the different setups and the use with a bike: