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Bixpy Jets will soon be shipping from Europe

Hi everyone. As our first post, we’d like to announce that we will soon be shipping the Bixpy Jets to our European clients through our European distribution center. Super excited about this as many kayakers, SUP users and divers are anxious to get their hands on the Jets. At the same time, this will allow us to take care of servicing and warranty issues in Europe. Also helps with the cost of shipping expensive lithium power packs :wink:

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What are the bixpy parameters, power and horse power and max speed? Will it work if attached to the foil?

Hi there. No, the Bixpy does not provide enough power to lift a foil in a meaningful way. It has a 450 watt motor which is just enough to efficiently push a personal device around (like a kayak or paddle board). It doesn’t have quite the power required to lift a foil out of water.

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Hi Bixpy,

I appreciate that you are actually giving a honest answer. I think many others are just making too much promises and can not deliver.

Good luck with your project!