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Blue Drive for 450 EUR

I just bought the Power Fin for 450 EUR at Amazon.

Delivery within 10 days from France to Germany.

The Blue Drive is the cheapest E-SUP conversion kit as far as I could see, but the specs seem to be okay.

I will let you know how the first test rides will go.


I got one. When I visit Wayne I will test it and let you know guys. My concerns is that it’s very weak so don’t expect it to turn your SUP into speedy jetboard… (well you get what you pay for, it’s really cheap comparing to anything else and that price includes huge battery!)

Make sure you wear a helmet :joy::joy::joy:

At least the propeller looks safe :wink:

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It’s so safe that i am not sure if even water gets inside. they promise “top speed” 5m/h but i have my doubts


Forget the maximum speed of 10 km/h. I was wearing the GPS around my wrist and it probably happened while I was paddling.

However, it makes the 5-6 km/h claimed by the manufacturer.

Wow! Were you paddling manually faster than propeller??? You are really fast!

I saw it has several speed options on remote control, did you try them all?

How long does the battery last?

No paddling does not increase the speed at all. I was referring to by accelerating my arm the GPS probably made it 10 km/h.


F1 = 2-3 km/h
F2 = 3-4 km/h
F3 = 4-6 km/h

I am not sure if this is really fast, but good for cruising :wink:

The weather was not so nice so I stopped after 40 minutes at full speed. The speed was not slowing down, so there was more range available. More to be tested soon …

Full review and video now at https://e-surfer.com/en/aqua-marina-blue-drive-power-fin-review/

Thank you. We look forward to test it too, we had an issue that the small black switch broke during the transportation.