Board Real range

Hello Guys.
I’m new here and I’m thinking about getting a powered board, the usual question come… gas or electrique?
I see some E-surf with a theorical 45min range… but it’s as usual ‘’up to’’… what is the real life range for the Esurf?

I think it could be interesting to create this post to relate your experience, to be effective I think it could be great to give some info with your range:

Board type/ brand
Battery capacity (if you know it)
Weight (or range of :innocent:)
riding type: race dynamic’ relaxing cruising
average speed (if you know it)

Thank you!

The ballpark number would be around 1.5h for efoil and 30 min for jetboard in terms of riding time.
We cant compare in more detail because it’s simply too many factors in play (rider weight, conditions, winds, wing type, battery type etc etc

it could be interesting to compare if everyone give enough precision to be accurate. But it’s not easy for sure.