Board selection voor 100kg rider

Browsing around now for a long time, but a lot of the tests are done by 60-75 kg riders.
I wakeboard/snowboard and have always done windsurfing.
So looking for a board to Carve, Jump (on short waves) and do silly things, speed is not the most important thing for me.
Important is also support in the EU (I’am in the Netherlands)
What i came up to for now are:
Ravik S and a Jetsurf Electric. Or am i missing something.
Also contemplating petrol boards now. (ok, i am heavy , want to do funning things so riding time on an electric board will be short, i guess??? )
Just looking for your opinions and preferably experience.

If you are not planning to ride in the winter, I would suggest to wait until February, because there might be new models.

Take note that not all board sizes make good boards for heavy riders. Thus, before buying one, it’s best to identify salient differences between the available boards.

Hi @Maarten , check the new Rävik S 2.2:

It is my favorite right now. I had a Jetsurf Electric. It is a great board as well, but I didn’t like the fact that it needs so much maintenance before and after the ride:

RIght, cuz that’s readily do-able by anyone anywhere… :wink: