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Board Size/Wing size

Hallo there,

I wanna buy my first efoil. I m 1.86m and weight 83kg. I kitefoil for 3 years now and i m looking for a really skaty, maneuverable board where i can surf wakes from boats. I live in Berlin directly on a lake and wanna use my foil as often as possible. Which board size would you recommend and also which wing size would be the right choice? Dont know if 4.4 or 5.0 would be right for my size and style. I m not that much interested in high speed. More in carving, towing and surf feeling.


Hi Chris,
I would recommend a Fliteboard Pro, which is 5’ and has a buoancy of 70 liters. I am quite similar to you in size and weight, and the Pro with the 75 cm mast will give you the most freedom for carving and an agile, sporty setup. If you use the lighter Sport battery, you save some weight and still get about a good hour worth of riding.
For a wing, the Flyer Wing would be the starting point, but there will also be some new options to chose from quite soon, so you can adjust the setup to whatever you are up to. Also the ability to adjust the angle of the stabilizer wing gives you a lot flexbility for different modes.
If you want to try out the Fliteboard Pro in Berlin, just drop us a line at [email protected], we are ready when you are.

Hi @Chris_Toph ,

If you live in Berlin you can test the different boards here at our water sport center in Berlin. We are located at Funkhaus Berlin and you can reach us though:

We have the different boards and wings available. Nobody offers more wings and choice than Lift does. I would recommend a 5’0 Sport board with 170 wing for the beginning, but we can discuss details on a phone call or when you visit us.


Hi Chris,
Which lake are you on? I am foiling on the Müggelsee most of the time, lots of boats and wakes… and a small but growing community of efoilers.
Being a kite foiler, you should get advanced rather quickly. You are looking at the right boards, both work well for your purpose. If the board is just for you go smaller, if friends should be able to ride it, go 5’0.
As for wings, I love the HAs for wakes. 250HA works on most wakes, 170 works on solid wakes, too. In the near future, new wings will come out with one showing real potential for wakes.

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