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Boost Fin - surf more waves?

Today I finally received my Boost Fin

" Worldโ€™s First Electric Surf Fin from Kickstarter"

It looks like this. Going to test in the water soon:

Last year we did a full interview here

Hey mike. I ordered one of them too and have been waiting over a year already. Any idea when they will start shipping to us mortals?
They dont update us any more and the last timeline I saw had a lot of big milestones still to be met before they are truly up and running a real business. Looking forward to your review๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ

I dont know as well. I was one of the first bakers on Kickstarters so was among first to receive it as well. Based on their updates on FB group they are planning to start mass production this summer. Probably they want to see how first betatesters react and what goes wrong before committing to 2000 fins production

Here are some water tests

The full review I will do once tested in different conditions!

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Cool I appreciate the update Mike. Looking forward to the full review.

Nice looks like this small booster can really push you to about 6km/h

BOOST FIN In-depth Review | Electric Motorized Fin for any Board ๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ including Tips and Full FAQ!


00:00 BOOST FIN In-depth Review

01:32 Boostfin unboxing

02:30 Boost Fin Live Demonstration

03:00 Installing Boost fin

03:53 Boostfin first test in the waves

06:30 Bonus tip

06:50 Lake surfing with Boostfin?

07:30 Boostfin for SUP propulsion?

08:15 Elena trieds Boostfin in waves

09:20 Boostfin FAQ

12:43 My boostfin settings

17:54 Final wave session with Boostfin

It took you a long time to get it. Great video!

the video looks great!
i have a question thoโ€ฆ when you fall off the board does the boost stops or does it keep working while your are in the water?

It keeps working until you press a button for it to stop.

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