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Boosted out of business

Boosted, the company that basically created the market for electric skateboards is going out of business…

“We understand this news will come as a surprise to many of you, but unfortunately, developing, manufacturing, and maintaining electric vehicles is highly capital-intensive, and over the last year-and-a-half our business has faced an additional unplanned challenge with the high expense of the US-China tariff war,” Russakow and Ulmen wrote.

It just proves again that creating and supporting electric jetboards and efoils is a very hard task…

Most companies really struggle with post sales service and repairs as shipping and repairs of batteries is extremelly expensive.

Now I need to repair my one wheel battery but the only way is to ship to California which is ridiculous. I am not surprised if they also go out business with such post sale business model.

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That’s sad. Boosted had good boards. I preferred the Evolve Skateboards and the Onewheel and they seem to do well, but you are right. If even well established players can fail, think twice before you spend your money on newcomers or cheap stuff from China.

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An undesirable consequence of globalization. Not everything that glitters gold.

That is a shame re Boosted.

One Wheel - I fully understand your point there. I own a OW Original (first generation, circa 2015 or so), my battery likely needs some repair also. From what I can tell, the company no longer even uses the batteries they used to place inside the OW Originals and OW+ … Did you manage to find any solution for your battery repair?

MY OW XR battery ends at 71 charge… official balancing recommendations did not help

Thanks and sorry to hear that Mike. If an XR, that’s not an old OW battery at all!!

Just so I am clear, you mean it will only charge to 71%?

No it charges till 100% but stops working at 71%… so i get only 29% range out of it, two times less than OW Pint lol