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Building e-surfboard, don't know what LiPo batteries would do the work

Hey guys,

So I’m building electric surfboard and I’m stuck at the point where I should buy LiPo batteries.
Since those are expensive as hell (especially when a lot needed) I don’t want to make a mistake by buying insufficient ones.

I have BLDC 10kw, 48v, 200A current outrunner and 300A, 48v ESC. What lipo batteries whould be the best match for these specifications if I want for the example the board I’ll build to work for aprox. 35 min?

Looking forward for your recommendations.

I double any of us can help you, we rather prefer to ride than build anything…Maybe check https://efoil.builders/

good luck!

According to the requirements, this indicates a battery with a capacity of 7kWh (1.2548200*35/60=7000) which, if built on Li-Ion battery cells, will weigh at least 60kg and will be very expensive. The Li-Po battery will be even larger. It will not be a surfboard, but an electric boat.

Buy 4 multistar 20,000 mah 6s 12c batteries 2 in series gets you 12s and the two in parallel gets you 40,000 mah it is heavy and expensive but you can pull 340 amps continuous from each series pack that’s a whopping 480 amps continuous so way more than you will use.
Run time 20 mins if you are lucky 12-15 mins if you floor it
Cheers Frankie
DIY e surfboard builder

Sorry I mis typed it’s 240 amps continuous from each 12s 12c 20,000 mah pack so 480 continuous

Me would use Samsung INR18650-30Q cells or sony vtc6 3000mah
you need around 400pcs 13x25 batteries samsung or can go less vith
vtc6 sony not vould use lipo better and safer liion.