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Building my own surfboard, twin jets

Okay, first of I’m new to this forum even due I’ve been reading a lot on this forum this past year.

I had to plan to build a simple electric surfboard but it escalated quickly and it now have become something thats is really expensive and really cool if we are able to put it together. I want your thoughts on some stuff we’re doing.

Let me explain how it all started, had an old surfboard that had a text voltage written on top of it. I thought to myself that would be cool to make something out of. Said and done I order SSS360 KV motor. and 120 VCT6 batteries with a bunch of BMS. total 103.6 v. 28s4p, I was in progress of building a battery pack and a ESC

I noticed our board was a bit small and bought a bigger board for our projekt. I found a Naish 8.5’’ that was perfect for this build. Due to the large space we now had I order another motor and 112 more Sony VCT6 batteries. Also bought two fliers 500A esc.

It all escalated quickly and became something that could be a lot of fun.

So my plan is 28s8p with double SSS360KV Flier esc 500A running custom made jetdrive 3D printed.

At this moment we building an test bench for the motor to se the torque and where its at. Let me know if there somethings I need to keep an eye out for. New motors, transmission? or something else.

I will post some pictures and keep you guys updated.

Nice to see new developments! Keep up great work Olof

We will se when we put the electric motors on the bench. finally get some numbers on the SSS360 KV…

Szia. Én is csak lelkes amatőr vagyok.

-Szerintem a 100v kicsit veszélyes vízben!
-360kv x 100v = 36000rpm = cavitáció.

De ez csak az én véleményem.
Sok sikert, jó építést.