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Cabratec Easygoat

Hey guys, meanwhile i try to get in contact ith this company cabratec. Tryesc on their website at the contact form, by telephone and also on fb messenger.
all failed.
Seems to be not very seroius or is this company not active any more?

Does anybody have some information about them?


Did you see what’s happening in europe with the covid19? We all have to take step back and take care of essential business and family… All the fun water toys can wait.

friend i tried to contact them already since january- there was no corona.

HI Manfred, I can not find your name… Manfred Nestelbacher in any conversation/email so please give as call with what you need. We are normally working. Mira CabraTec

hi Mira, i wrote 2 times to your contact form from your website and called many times.
pls forward the details, prices, etc to my mail [email protected]
My phone number is 0043
699 13040934