Carver 60ah battery design

Hi guys
I Own a Carver Onean unfortunately the battery didn’t last long.water was actually leaking out ot the locking mechanism and the battery didn’t show any signs of life.
Was waiting for ever to get a replacement battery from Jon in Onean .
But the company closed instead.
Didn’t want to give up on the board
So with the help of friend.owner of a small factory for E trike and battery packs .we open the carver battery and build a new design 12s1p 60ah 5c cells that can handle the carver motor quite easily.and last much longer
Someone try to build a replacement battery for Onean? As many board out there seems like the board will last and pretty soon there will be no good batteries to run them .

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Hello from Greece.

As you describe you found the way to build a new battery for Carver X?!

Where are you from?

My best regards.

Andreas (

I wonder how to open the battery without damaging it. And also how to seal it back up perfectly after refurbishment.

What kind of cells were used? Capacity 60Ah with a continuous current load of 130A (5C~300A) at 3.7V, only Li-Pol prismatic cells are considered.

Original Akku Power GmbH Lithium Ion Battery APAQ 12S16P parameters:

Weight: 12KG
Cells: 192=16x12 Samsung INR18650-25R R5 2500mAh
Nominal voltage: 44,4 V (44,4 V/12=3.7V per cell)
Max Power: 5000W
Max. electric discharge: 130 A (12S: 3.2V * 12 = 38.4V, 5000W / 38.4V = 130.2A, 16P: 130.2A / 16 = 8.14A)
Capacity (rated): 1500 Wh/40 Ah
Cycle count: 500 (estimated)(~300)
Charger 15A/50.4V (15A/16=0.9375A Charging Current per cell)

The pack are built based on the cell array of Samsung´s lithium-ion battery with 18650 format, which is widely used on electric cars or power tools.

Samsung INR18650-25R R5

Nominal Capacity: 2500 mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Discharge End Voltage: 2.5V
Standard Charging Current: 1.25A
Charging Voltage: 4.20±0.05V
Max. Continuous Discharging Current: 20A

Battery Capacity (Mfg Rated): 2500 mAh
Battery Chemistry: INR - LiNiCoMnO2
Battery function: Rechargeable
Battery Shape Factor: INR 18650
Battery Rated Voltage: 3.6 V
Brand: Samsung
Depth: 18.2 mm
Height: 65 mm
Width: 18.2 mm

Battery cell layout option

Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3120mAh - 30A (see
16px12s=192 cells á 3.75€ with VAT (750€ price for 200 pcs)
Capacity 16x3.12=49.92Ah/~1872Wh (25% higher capacity compared to the original cells)

Thank you very much.
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